What does your company name mean?

Have you ever found yourself browsing the internet, clicking on a page, then click a link on that page, then click a link on the next page, which gives you the idea to search for something else and this process repeats until you look up and realize you've been sitting for hours clicking links? Well, my friend, you've just fallen down the rabbit hole. Yes, we have been known to fall down the rabbit hole, often, hence the name. You can take comfort in knowing you will never fall alone, someone will always be with you.

In what time zone does The Rabbit Hole Designs, LLC. operate?

We operate in PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Do you offer a Frequent Shopper Discount?

At this time we do not but be on the lookout for special offers and discount codes arriving in your email. For all the latest news become a subscriber here.

Will I be charged Sales Tax?

California customers must be charged a sales tax of 8.75% in accordance with state law.

What are your shipping costs?

Please see our Shipping information HERE.

Can I view the status of my order?

If you are a site member, sign in, click MY ORDERS and you can check the status of your orders.

I am located outside of the USA Can you mark my order with Gift or Lower Value?

We are not able to mark packages with lower values.

Where are you located?

THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN haha just kidding we are located in the Sunny State of California

Do you have an Angel Policy?

Yes we do, it is as follows:

We welcome you to use our stamps for resale of your finished handcrafted projects, provided that you abide by the following guidelines:
  • The Rabbit Hole Designs and products are protected under United States and international copyright laws and treaties.​

  • All artwork must be individually hand stamped and may not be reproduced or copied. This includes photocopying, printing, tracing, scanning, etc.

  • Artwork for sale must be hand stamped by the artist personally. Mass production is not allowed.

  • The Rabbit Hole Designs images and products may not be distributed, swapped or sold pre-stamped/pre-cut as a craft supply.

  • The Rabbit Hole Designs images may not be used for logos, trademarks or promotional materials.

  • All artists selling their creations assume all liability and responsibility and agree to indemnify The Rabbit Hole Designs and company from disputes arising from their work.

  • The Rabbit Hole Designs products may not be used in any swap, rental, or lease business or any type of for profit business.